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DUE: April 11: Reading #1 - Section I - Chapters 1-4

DUE: April 13: Reading #2 - Section II - Chapters 5-7

DUE: April 17: Reading #3 - Sections II&III - Chapters 8-11

DUE: April 19: Reading #4 - Section III - Chapters 12- A Postscript

Annotating -

This text is long. While in a short text or singluar passage situation you would annotate for EVERYTHING (as much as you could find) on the page, that is not a feasible strategy in this case. You should pay attention to: developing themes, rhetorical strategies/figurative language, stylistic choices of the author and her purpose for utilizing certain choices, characterization, tone/mood, etc.

On average, you will probably have 1-2 annotations per page, but you may find that there are some pages that have TONS of interesting elements and important items and thus you may have 5 or 6 on that one page. Conversely, you may find a couple of pages where there isn't much of note. Each chapter MUST have a Summary.
Consider the following acronym to help you with creating variety in your annotations:
S - stylistic choices: diction, syntax - consider the purpose/impact of these choices
P - Plot devices - impact of shifts in setting / characterization / important moments or dialogue in the text
I - Imagery
F - Figurative Language/Rhetorical Strategies
T - Thematic Development
T - Tone & Mood

ITOB Annotated Reading Assignment Due the SAME DAY as the last reading assignment for this book. MUST be uploaded to turnitin.com by the due date. HARDCOPY must be in class.